Camera Lens Cup Trinkbecher Kameraobjektiv

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17.98 (as of 17. Februar 2019, 12:17) 13.00

Trinkbecher in neuartigem Design
Sieht aus wie ein realistisches Kameraobjektiv
Auch als Keksschale nutzbar



Fancy yourself as bit of a photographer? Love snapping up those memorable moments or super model glamour shots? Well you can now feel like a photo fanatic with this brilliantly quirky new mug which looks exactly like a real camera lens and will soon become an essential part of your photographer’s kit bag!!

Styled to look and feel like your favourite lens, this mug comes with a lens cover lid for keeping your beverages hot, as well stopping any unwanted dust particles. The multipurpose lid can also be used as coaster for the mug or a novelty holder for your favorite biscuits, so you will no longer need to worry about where to put your custard creams!!

Kick start your day with a coffee in your professional mug! We often see personalised mugs for other careers – well, now we have just the right gift for all you photographers.

  • Looks like a realistic camera lens
  • Biscuit holder
  • Quirky new design
  • Perfect for photographers

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